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Impossible Quinty

“Impossible” is out now

My newest single “impossible” is now available for listening on every platform you can think of. This song is entirely focused on vocals and simplicity. Just me and a guitar.

This is common sense, but your voice is important in singing ;). It creates the sound but also tells the story.

It’s my voice telling a story in the form of music.

If you don’t make your dreams come true…then who will?

Quinty van der Geest


Latest video


Every song I have written is special to me and I sure haven’t released all of them yet. Check out the songs that I did release on my music page. My music videos are on here also. You will be directed by clicking the button down below. Here you can find my newest single “Rather Be” and my most popular song “What do you see?”. 

My life on video

If there is one thing that I love besides music, it’s storytelling. I love sharing stories and memories with others. Now combining that with creativity simply creates the perfect combination for me. Every week I upload a vlog of that last week, filled with memories, cool places i’ve been to, lessons i’ve learned and more. Click here to head straight to my YouTube channel. Can’t wait to see you there 🙂

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