Quinty van der Geest in a flannel

Hi, my name is Quinty van der Geest

Or to be more specific; my name is Quinty Reanne van der Geest. I was born on January 31st, 2002 in The Netherlands. Growing up I lived in a small town in the province South Holland, where I lived with my parents and two younger brothers.

This may sound very cliché, but yes I have been singing since I can remember. My mom used tot tell me that I would go around telling people i’d become famous when I am a big girl or that I would star in a show on broadway. And here I am…making that dream a reality.

 “I can’t live an ordinary life, when I feel like the extraordinary is waiting for me”

My career

I am a singer/songwriter in the country genre with a touch of Quinty. What I mean by that is that all my songs have something in them that makes it “me”. It’s hard to explain what that exactly is, but you could see it as an extra sparkle, something that lights it up. My songs are written from the heart and have a special meaning behind them. When i’m performing, my goal is to deliver the message that’s written into the song and to bring the emotions to the audience. I believe that songs are feelings, written into melodies and lyrics.

Most musicians write in their Bio what they studied and how they learned to play their instrument. That simply doesn’t apply to me. However I do take vocal lessons, I taught myself how to play the guitar and the piano. Additionally, I had music as an Extra Curricular class in High School. I studied international marketing, communications and events in College. This with the thought in mind, that when I graduate, I would know how to brand and promote myself as a singer/songwriter, create an image and climb my way up in the music business.

Living the dream…

Right now, I am doing exactly that. As i’m making progress in my career, I am learning a lot about the business side of music. My growth and development help me to take the next step and to reach my goals.

Walking this path, I get to do the thing that makes me the happiest.

Music. Writing songs. Singing in front of an audience. Making people happy. And becoming the best version of myself.

My motto is to stay real, to confront myself with what i’m feeling and to write that into heartfelt songs.

“Feel to be real”

Quinty looking away