Affiliate program

When people recommend me for a potential booking, I want to reward them as they are doing something to help me. That’s why I have an affiliate program. This means that you’ll earn a commission whenever you recommend me as a musical performer. However, you only earn a commission when I get booked and paid.

When you recommend me to someone and the client books the CHELSEA BOOT package, you’ll earn a 10% commission on the package price.

When the clients books me for the COWBOY BOOT package, you’ll receive a 12% commission, also on the package price.

When I get booked for the HIGH BOOT package, you will earn 15%, again on the package price, and one merchandise item of choice.

Is the affiliate program something for you?

YES! The program is for everyone. You want to hear a secret? You don’t have to sign up for it. Whenever you recommend me, just e-mail me the information of the contactperson and we’ll stay in touch.