Quinty van der Geest in a flannel

Who is Quinty van der Geest?

Hi, that’s me. Nice to meet you! Currently I am traveling around the world with my guitar and building a business. Until October 2023 i’ll be in places like Asia, United States, Europe and Canada.

A Dutch singer/songwriter with a drive for music and being on stage. It’s something i’ve had for as long as I can remember. Therefore I am now building towards fulfulling my dreams.

 “I can’t live an ordinary life, when I feel like the extraordinary is waiting for me”

My voice is my brand

Every time I sing or speak with someone they say “wow you have a really nice voice” which gave me and indication I should do more with it. Now, singing has always been something I loved doing, but i’ve started to expand my range by using my voice for other things as well.

So I started by uploading a vlog every Sunday on my YouTube channel. In my vlogs I combine singing with my journey in life. I show different perspectives of my entrepreneurship and music.

My dream is to make storytelling my fulltime job. All of my music is written in a way that the listener creates their own meaning to it. I am obsessed with using metaphors, playing with words and creating lyrics to make sense in a different way.

Besides singing, writing songs and building my way as an artist. I like innovating and doing new things. To expand the range in which I use my voice, I started ‘Quinty’s Podcast’ in February 2023. A show about my experiences as a singer/songwriter, my world travels, entrepreneurship and the things I learn on my way to the stage.

The stage is where I belong

It doesn’t mater what kind of stage or how big, the stage is where I belong. Wether that’s through music, my vlogs, being visible on social media or through plans I have for the future.

Everything comes with a touch of ‘Quinty’. I imply my romaticism to be vulnerable and authentic. I like being creative and making music, my drive to become the best I can be and the sparks that fly through my stomach when i’m doing what I love.

“Feel to be real”

Quinty looking away