Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What do you mean with "storytelling" in your performance?

Storytelling is simply me telling the audience about the song. How it was written, why it was written and what makes it special. It’s the part where I add value tot the song by telling its story. This story is usually during the introduction of the song

What does your quote "feel to be real" mean?

Feel to be real is my motto. I came up with it a couple of years ago when I wanted a hashtag that I use in every post. It stands for becoming real when you confront yourself with how you feel. It’s deep, I know, but I think it’s a great quote to stand by. 

What is your affiliate program?

With my affiliate program, people who recommend me to a possible client will earn a commission when the client makes a booking. The amount of commision depends on what package the client books me for. You can see my packages on my Book now page and he percentages of commissions on my Affiliate program page.

Why did you pick the country genre?

Because of the atmosphere. I love it all. Country music is always feel good, no matter what the song is about. Besides, who doesn’t love wearing cowboy boots and having a good time? 

Who is your manager and how can I contact them?

My manager is Ellen van der Geest. You can definitely contact her through e-mail. You will hear from her or me when you fill out the contactform, depening on the subject. 

Do I have to buy tickets to see you perfrom?

For most of my performances, the entrance is free. If this is not the case, the link to the ticket page will be in the event on the Events page.