Quinty van der Geest

My voice is my brand

Feel to be real


Feeling is my strength

Feel to be real, believing in your own magic, being successful as yourself. With my talks, music and voice I create the impact I want to be.

I am a musical speaker, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur who wants to make the world more fun with softness and feeling.

“Let me show you what it’s all about…”

On national radio.

Barely 2 weeks after the release of my first single, I was invited by radio dj Giel Beelen. During his morningshow on the Dutch network NPO rado 2, I sang my song ‘What do you see?’ live and acoustic. 

“What a beautiful voice” – Listener from @GIEL

If I don’t make my dreams come true…then who will?

Quinty van der Geest

My music really is for everyone

I write my music in a way that it is relatable for everyone. I love metaphors and express my personal feelings by playing with sentences and language.

Everything is based on feeling. What you feel when you listen to my songs, is uniquely yours.

I perform in The Netherlands and Europe. I would love to provide events with a musical atmosphere and some more feeling.

Singing - left side