Quinty’s music

Live on your stage

I am available for performances throughout The Netherlands and Europe. My setlist includes original songs, but also covers that fit the atmosphere. I share the energy i get on stage with my audience and feelings play a big part in my perfomances.  

Because of my cheerful pesonality, sincerity and love fo singing, no performance is the same. 

Am I singing in your stage soon?

My music on video

Clear travel allowance

If there is something I find important, it’s that everyone knows what the expectations are. Therefore, I’ve chosen to not calculate my travel allowance per km. 

The prices of the travel allowance are sorted into a category based on the distance. 

Withing a radius up to 50km, no travel allowance will apply. 

Within a radius of 50km uo to 75km, a fee of €25 applies.

Within a radius of 75km up to 125km, a fee of €50 applies. 

Within a radius of 125km up to 250 km, a fee of €75 applies. 

Within a radius above 250km a fee of €95 applies.  

Travel allowance is added to the invoice.

I can bring my own sound system

I have a soundsystem with two Yamaha speakers and a small mixing panel. In addition I have. ashure microphone and stand. 

For an extra fee of €150, I can bring my own sound.

This fee is added to th invoice. 


All of my performances are live and acoustic, unless states diffently. I bring my own instruments. Which instuments I am bringing will be decided while discussing the booking.

The instruments are included in the price of the performance.

Keyboard: Yamaha P-45 digitale piano

Guitar: Taylor GS mini-e (built in ES-B pickup)

How do I calculate the TAX?

All of the prices on my website ae excluded from TAX.

After discussing the booking and possible extra options, travel allowance etc. I make an invoice.

On this invoice, I add the prices from the performance and everything added to it.

On this subtotal, a percentage of 21% TAX is added.