Quinty's Talks

Let Quinty inspire you with her message and vision

Available from October 9th 2023, bookings open now.

Feel to be real,

has been my motto and lifestyle for 5 years now. Working with feeling instead of common sense. By doing this, I became closer with myself. I dare to take risks and never developed more than I have now.

My mission is to show as many people as possible, how powerful your feelings are and can be. That feelings wake up your true self and increase your self-esteem.

Feel to be real reveals the magic you have in you.

The future is feeling.

My talks combined with music.

As a singer/songwriter, I have realesed 5 original songs so far. With this music I am able to make my message even stronger. More inspiration and insights, but then guided by a melody.

The songs you can expect are perfectly fitted with the things I talk about.

Did you know?: in my talk about ‘what rich really is’, a song that I wrote exclusively for this is included. My song ‘Invest in memories’.

Do I step onto your stage soon?

With my vision, musicality, sincerity, feelings and cheerful personality, I make every talk a unique experience. When I step onto stage, I come alive. I share that energy with my audience. 

Do you have a feeling that your organization could use one of my talks? Do my topics fit perfectly for you event? I would love to come in contact. 

I can’t wait to share my energy with you. 

Clear travel allowance

If there is something I find important, it’s that everyone knows what the expectations are. I have chosed to not rate my travel allowance per km.

Travel allowance is added to the invoice and sorted in different categories.

Within a radius up to 50km, zero travel allowance applies.

 50km up to 75km:  €25 

75km up to 125km: €50 

125km up to 250km: €75

250km and up: €95 


Add an extra song? Of course!

In my talks, there is always music included. Do you want more music? No problem.

For a fee of €100 I sing an extra song in my talk. You can leave the choice of song up to me, or you can make a decision yourself. Do let me know.

The €100 is added to the invoice.

How is the TAX calculated?

I am based in the Netherland and work with their tax system. All the prices on my website are excluding TAX.

After a conversation about your wishes, I make an invoice. This invoice includes the prices of the chosen talk, travel allowance and possible extras.

From this subtotal, a percentage of 21% TAX will be added on top of it.