Quinty Academy

Online courses By Quinty van der Geest

Besides my music, I love to develop myself in multiple areas like entrepreneurship.

The Quinty Academy is an online business where I sell my Dutch online courses. Right now it is home to the online course ‘Jouw stap naar High School USA’ translated in English as ‘Your step to High School USA’.

In this online course I create an environment where future exchange students from The Netherlands can find all the information they need when it comes to preparing for such a year.

Starting January 17th, students will no longer have to browse the internet for hours, but there will be a platform where they can find all the preperations.

In the future, I hope to expand the brand Quinty Academy with more online courses on several topics.

Jouw stap naar High School USA 

De cursus die jou helpt met het starten van jouw High School USA avontuur.